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«Apple Business Connect», Apple's «Google My Business» business profile


«Apple Business Connect» is a free tool that allows businesses of all sizes to claim their location maps and customise the way key information appears to over a billion Apple users across Apple Maps, Messages, Wallet, Siri and other apps.


It allows you to insert various information such as :

  • Photos of the company and products/services

  • The logo

  • Opening hours

  • The address

  • The link to the website

  • Customised call-to-actions

  • Access to insights into the searches of Internet users


You can also integrate quick actions so that your customers can easily interact with your business.

They will simply touch the different icons to order a meal, make a reservation, schedule an appointment, buy tickets, etc.


Apple Business Connect is a real SEO advantage for businesses. Listing on Apple Business Connect can only help you improve your online visibility and give you more control over how your business is presented to Apple users.

This can also help to stand out from the competition and attract new potential customers.

Analyse your impact with statistics


With the statistics provided by Apple, you can see how your customers found your location listing, accessed your offers and interacted with your actions. Then you can optimise your listing to increase your impact.

New to come : Showcases

Showcases allow businesses to highlight special offers such as seasonal menus or product discounts.

This feature is already available to businesses in the US and will be available to businesses worldwide in the coming months.

How to create an Apple card?


  • Visit the Apple Business Connect and click on Get Started

  • Sign in with your existing Apple ID or create one

  • Apple checks your business

Once this has been verified, you can claim your locations and start customising your business cards.



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