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Atlassian launches Jira Work Management to connect all teams in the company

Atlassian introduces Jira Work Management, a new edition that will facilitate project management between all teams in a company.

Jira Work Management: a new era of collaboration

Atlassian announces the deployment of Jira Work Management for all users. The idea is to allow HR, sales, marketing, finance, design, etc. teams to connect more easily with the development teams in order to streamline work within a company or any other structure.

The project management tool Jira project management tool is the number one software development tool for agile teams, but Atlassian wants to take it a step further, designing a dedicated edition for all teams."Empowering technical teams is not enough on its own. One disconnected team or department can tie up an entire company, regardless of its location within an organisation. Uniting every team on the same tools is more important than ever. That's why today we're extending the power of Jira to all teams in an organisation. "

To wit: Jira Work Management benefits from all the native features of the Jira product family, including shared workflows, automation for daily tasks and advanced privacy controls to protect your data.

New views designed to make work easier

Atlassian offers new ways to move work from "to do" to "completed". These new views are intended to make work management easier and to have a clearer global view of projects.

  • a list view : you can add, update, sort or order items really quickly.
  • a calendar view : you can view deadlines, easily update your projects, and plan more quickly.
  • a timeline view : It is a refinement of the traditional Gantt chart, designed to better visualise the dependencies between workflows. The following data have been added: the assigned person and the status of the task.
  • a table view (Kanban) : This view displays the tasks in columns, and shows the progress of the task from "to do" to "completed".
  • a form view: you can easily create forms via drag & drop and collect the necessary responses. This reduces friction and team disconnections.

Below you can see examples of the views:

A new edition designed to increase team productivity

To facilitate the work of the teams, Atlassian also offers:

  • 23 new business project models tailored to business teams,
  • an interface with vocabulary more adapted to the profiles of teams that are not "technical": HR, marketing, sales, finance, etc,
  • The left-hand pane highlights relevant functionality: new views, forms, and replaces development-specific functionality,
  • a new business automation library to create custom rules for all use cases. The automation even connects with Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Atlassian aims to continue to develop the project, announcing a number of updates and new features over the coming year. The company details the features that are expected to be rolled out in the near future: advanced functionality for all project views, optimised reporting for advanced analysis and native approvals for faster sign-off and execution of work.

As far as prices are concerned, there is a free version for 10 users. The first paid offer starts at $5 per user per month. The price decreases according to the number of users.