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How to use hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags appeared with social networks. They can be found on many of them : Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and even YouTube. 

During this article, we will see how to use hashtags on Instagram. In our case, we will look at the use of hashtags on posts.We will start by defining what a hashtag is, then we will see why it is important to use them and finally we will see how to do it well.

What is a hashtag?

To begin with, a hashtag is a keyword preceded by the # sign.It is used to to group together publications that have a common subject.Simple example: with #coachella, we will find the publications related to the American festival. It is a way to create a link create a link between each user and a theme.

Why use them?

Using hashtags on Instagram makes you more accessible to users. They bring you more visibility, but also un better SEO. In turn, users who search by hashtags want to discover new content and new people that match them. By using the right hashtags, you will have a more qualitative audience.It would be a shame to miss out.

Where to use them?

Know that on Instagram, you can use hashtags in a variety of ways.

In your publications : this is the most popular method, you indicate the hashtags corresponding to your publication.
In your biography : in this case, you don't make a single publication accessible, but rather your entire profile.
In your stories : by using hashtags in a story, you again make yourself visible. Sometimes you can also land in the global story of the hashtag in question, which will make you even more accessible, especially since users can now subscribe to a hashtag. No number of hashtags is recommended in the stories, but remain reasonable and relevant. 

However, in this article, we will focus on the hashtags used throughout the publications..

How to use them?

  • To proceed with the search for hashtags, I suggest you do a mini brainstorming according to the theme of your publication, your photo, your profile, but also where are you located. Your hashtags must be related to your photo, because the Instagram algorithm is able to read your photo intelligently. If the two are not related, the social network may penalize you later on.
  • The limit of hashtags per post is 30, but I don't advise you to use so many, because your visibility will be decreased. For my part, I recommend 15 hashtags per post. However, do your own tests and see what works best for you.
  • There are two types of hashtags : the general ones (ex. #girl #travel) and those that are more precise , called"niche"(ex. #girlpreneur #travel to Japan). You must make the distinction, because If you use only generalist hashtags, you will not optimize your use and will be drowned in the mass of publications.What I advise you to do is to use hashtags that do not exceed 500 000 publications, thanks to this method you will be sure to have a minimum of impact..
  • You don't have an idea for your hashtags? Don't panic, there are several solutions. Start by observing the hashtags used by your ideal clients and your competitors.They will surely give you some ideas. Be careful, I'm not talking about copying and pasting, stay inspired.
    Another solution exists, some sites and applications propose you from a hashtag, a group of other hashtags related to the one you have chosen. For my part, I use All Hashtag and  Hashtag Inspector.
  • When creating your post, I advise you to put your hashtags at the end for better visibility. I'm going to destroy a caption, but putting your hashtags in the comments will not improve your position, it changes nothing.
  • Don't use hashtags in other languages if they don't match the language of your target. You will end up not being effective. However, I can qualify my statement, because some words are used in English and in French (ex. #freelance), so it is up to you to judge if it is still relevant or not..