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Inbound Marketing Awards recognize the best acquisition strategies

The Best Inbound Marketing Strategy Award, launched last year in conjunction with the third edition of the Inbound Marketing France event, was a great success. It is back this year, and there is still time to register.


Add value to your Inbound Marketing strategy

Theory is good, but nothing beats practice. This is the conclusion of theInbound Marketing Franceevent, of which the BDM is a partner, and which prompted her to launch her Inbound Marketing & Lead Acquisition Strategy Awards. The principle is simple. Are you proud of your lead acquisition? Do you think you have an effective strategy in place to optimise your traffic, lead and customer generation? Then sign up and present your objectives, the levers you use and your results to a panel of digital marketing professionals, business leaders and experts. You could be the successor to the Reunionese company Teraltalast year's winner!

Practical information to participate

Would you like to present your strategy and try to be rewarded by your peers? Then you must register before 10 May via the dedicated form and you will receive instructions on how to complete your application. The jury will then deliberate to select the finalists, who will be announced on 14 May. The finalists will give a 15-minute presentation to the jury on 18 May. The winners will be notified the next day and will receive their prize at the event, from 21 to 25 June!

In addition to the recognition brought by this award, there are many prizes to be won by the 3 winners: an All-Access pass for the Inbound Boston 2021 digital event, Yumens and Winbound digital audits, LinkedIn vouchers and books on inbound marketing. For more information, please contact the MFI team.