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Why an e-commerce website?

With an e-commerce site, you have the possibility to sell online. Your visitors can discover all your products and make transactions directly on your site. Our team will set up your virtual store according to your needs, in order to increase your sales and your visibility.

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Already a website?

You already have a website but it's outdated and you don't have the time or the skills to keep it up to date?

Remedy now and start your digital optimization.


We respect the HTML structures to guarantee an optimal natural referencing of your site. Add life to your site with special features like chatbots, social networks, ...


We are committed to keeping your website up to date with current trends. Passionate about unique and modern designs, we transform your website into a unique experience.


Based on your content, we optimize it for the web. The texts are adapted according to the keywords that include your activity. We also offer content creation.

Online sales

ECOM LUX synchronizes your physical store with your e-commerce site. We manage the registration of the product sheets, the logistics and the stock management. Expand your market by selling in multiple locations.

We turn your ideas into feasible solutions

You have the possibility to fully customize your project so that it is perfectly adapted to your needs.

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