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Branding defines your positioning as a brand or company.

It includes your logo, slogan, colour scheme, typography and the type of communication you will use to interact with your customers.

Branding is crucial for every company as it is the first impression a customer perceives.

Logo & slogan

The logo represents your company in a single image. The slogan gives an explanation of your logo and explains your activity in a few words. The importance of this first contact with the customer is not negligible.

Graphic charter

The graphic charter includes all your branding on a palette. Based on your corporate design, we will propose a colour palette and typography for your posts, website and more.


Communication defines how, when and with what tone of voice you will communicate with your audience. Depending on your positioning, you will need to determine how and where to communicate with your customers.

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Branding that represents you

You have the possibility to fully customize your project so that it is perfectly adapted to your needs.

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