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travail-référencement naturel-seo-ecomlux
travail-référencement naturel-seo-ecomlux

Natural referencing, also known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) represents your position in the search results.

In order to improve your SEO, a number of structural and strategic aspects must be respected

When a customer makes a search related to your activity, you can appear as the answer to the query.

Appear in search results

Images & visuals

In order for an image to add value to your natural referencing, it is essential to compress it to reduce the weight and therefore the loading time. In order for robots to understand your image, it must be renamed and given a descriptive tag.

Structure of the website

There is a lot of technology behind a website. Indeed, several times a week, robots come and analyze the structure of a website and reference it accordingly. This is why an SEO-oriented HTML structure is so important.

Technical aspects

In order to boost your SEO, we set up caching systems, which makes your site even faster, we guarantee a performance of min. 80%. We also insert special files to guide the robots as they scan the website.

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