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Print is not out of fashion

Offline marketing, also known as print, reminds your customers that you exist, even when they are not in front of a screen.

Differentiate yourself from your competition by offering quality and durable materials to your customers.

Tailor-made design

For each print project, we will develop a unique design tailored to the chosen material. We take the company's visual identity and add specific features according to the client's needs.


At ECOM LUX quality is mandatory. This is why we only work with Luxembourgian suppliers who produce in Luxembourg, guaranteeing a superior quality of the final product.


We have no limits in terms of printing materials. Present us your idea and we will provide you with a dedicated design. Print your ideas professionally with us or with your supplier.

We turn your ideas into feasible solutions

Let's print your imagination

You have the possibility to fully customize your project so that it is perfectly adapted to your needs.

An effective asset

Print includes all printed media used for the physical communication and marketing of a company.

This includes brochures, leaflets, flyers, posters, business cards, etc. Printed media allows a more qualitative dissemination of information.


The visual identity and the logo are two essential elements for print communication (see branding). These are the first visual elements that allow the company to be easily identified by customers and to stand out from the competition.

Print is an excellent promotional tool, it enhances the identity and image of your company while conveying its products or services and its activities.

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