Webinar: How to use a marketing CRM effectively

A webinar offered by HubSpot and Growth Tribe to discover how to hyper-personalise your marketing with your CRM.

The marketing sector is going through a decisive period. The most advanced tactics are more readily available to everyone. Today, all marketers rely on the same tools and the same rules of the game, regardless of their means.

Those who adopt a generic approach that addresses a generic persona are failing, while those who develop personalised customer experiences are succeeding. The organisations that focus on the customer and are able to deliver a first class customer experience are the ones that will come out on top.

Find out how to implement successful strategies and exceed your customers' expectations in this completely free webinar presented by Julia Cames, Marketing Director HubSpot France and Jean Bonnenfant, Head of Growth & Training France Growth Tribe.

See you on Tuesday 11 May at 5pm.

In this webinar, HubSpot and Growth Tribe experts reveal what CRM-based marketing is, how to use your CRM and data to fine-tune your marketing and deliver a relevant and compelling experience to your customers, and provide real-world examples of segmentation by interest, intent and other factors.

Webinar programme

  • What is CRM-based marketing? Why adopt this approach?
    How can marketers succeed when attracting leads is harder and more expensive than ever? With HubSpot, discover how CRM-based marketing can help you personalize your communications to effectively engage your audience.
  • Are you using your CRM to make the customer the focus of your marketing?
    Data has become essential, but are you using it for the benefit of your customers? Growth Tribe explains how to personalise and fine-tune your communications using the power of your CRM and data, and how to make your entire organisation customer-centric.
  • Questions & Answers
    A time to discuss CRM issues and your associated problems.

Not available? A recording will be sent to all participants.

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